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The Bank’s initiative of the KIOSK Banking allows customers to undertake different banking transactions without the need for visiting a Bank Branch. Kiosk Banking is basically a service offered by several banks, wherein the people do not have to actually visit the branch in order to do a variety of transactions. This is so because the customer can easily open an account in the bank and operate from any of the nearest Kiosk Banking outlet itself in a hassle-free manner. It is primarily introduced by the Govt. of India as an important concept for boosting financial inclusion, particularly in the rural areas where the customer outreach is not that good and also, the people are uneducated requiring one-on-one assistance.

Having partnered with SBI and Bank of Baroda, Alankit delivers mainstream financial services to the mass bank-excluded Indian public using remote-biometric enabled secure technology through kiosk banking. Customers may open bank accounts and do all types of bank related transactions at an SBI Kiosk Banking outlet or Bank of Baroda Kiosk Banking outlet. These outlets are able to offer end to end functionalities with the process of account opening or any online transaction and there are banks who also offers online kiosk banking at ease. There are a number of advantages of having kiosk online, but these are mainly for the more educated lot to access all services at just a click. Also, the operations through these outlets are absolutely safe and reliable as they are bio-metrically secured and also, a printed acknowledgement for every transaction is given to the respective customer.

What is CSP

Digital India CSP Agents are those individuals who acts as an agent of the bank at places where it is not possible to open branch of the bank Read More

Why should I open CSP

Bank Mitra will get a fixed salary irrespective of the bank and branch. Apart from this they get handsome commission Read More

Money Transfer

The money transfer service is available at all Outlets from Tier I to Tier IV cities. It enables walk – in customers even without a bank account from place of transfer. Read More

Utility Payments

Bill Payment Any Time, Any Mode, Any Where!!! Every household consumes services like electricity, telephone, mobiles, water etc. Read More

Micro Finance

The micro credit loan cycles are usually shorter than traditional commercial loans with terms from typically six months to a year with payments plus interest. Read More

Csp Kiosk

You are aware that CSCs across India are offering government as well as private services at the citizen’s doorsteps. Read More


How Kiosk Banking Works?

Any retailer is free to open a no-frills account in a bank for any customer by recording the fingerprint details and capturing a customer’s photograph. All the details along with the other documents are then forwarded to the affiliated bank branches to conduct the further know-your-customer process. When the account is up and running, the customer is enabled to either withdraw, deposit or remit an amount of maximum Rs 10,000 each day via the internet-enabled kiosk branch.

Primary Benefits of Kiosk Banking (Kiosk Banking Online)

Brand Equity of the banks (SBI’s and Bank of Baroda’s) Opportunity for self-employment at ease at the doorstep itself Increased Visibility overall High number of Walk in customers Good incentives in accordance with the performance Significant remuneration figures resulting in financial freedom eventually

Benefits to Customers

No Queue, DBT/DBTL, Social Security Schemes, Mudra Loans Easily Approachable,Banking at one’s doorstep/ nearest location

Kiosk banking offers the following services

We have now able to gain a competitive edge over others in the market because of the following factors:

  • Opening of "No-Frill Savings Accounts" through kiosk banking modules
  • Deposit and withdrawal of cash in savings accounts
  • Opening of Term-Deposit, Recurring Deposit and SHG Accounts
  • Money transfers to any bank account
  • Aadhaar enabled deposits and withdrawals
  • DBT enabled facility in accounts

Benefits to CSPs (Customer Service Point)

  • Brand Equity of the banks (SBI’s and Bank of Baroda’s)
  • Increased Visibility overall
  • High number of Walk in customers
  • Good incentives in accordance with the performance
  • Significant remuneration figures resulting in financial freedom eventually
  • Customer is enabled to either withdraw
  • Account Opening
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit

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